The Stafford Park Christmas Light Show

Have you heard about the Stafford Park neighborhood which puts on an annual Christmas light display for the community to drive and/or walk through each year? About 100 out of 120 homes in this development decorate in some form for the show and the streets are lined with approximately 1500 luminaries. They all do this for the community and the admission is free, but at the end of the official light show event (the 2nd Friday and Saturday of December), they collect voluntary donations of food, toys, or cash for Pilgrims Inn (a food bank) and Toys for Happiness. Even if you miss the event, they all keep their lights on during the holiday season (just no luminaries) so come by to see it if you find yourself in the Rock Hill SC area.

This video was put together back in 2011 –

This year the public light display was officially set for December 14th -15th. There were designated winners and they were as follows:

10th place winner was the eighth house – The Derry’s house.

9th place winner was the one hundred fourteenth house – The Carter’s house.

8th place winner was the forty-seventh house – The Echegaray’s house.

7th place winner was the one hundred fourth house – The Munsey’s house.

6th place winner was the ninety-eighth house – The Baucom’s house.

5th place winner was the twenty-sixth house – The Snow Making house.

4th place winner was the fourth house – The Baldwin’s house.

3rd place winner was the sixty-eighth house – The Friddle’s house.

2nd place winner was the thirty-third house – The Paese’s house. They’ve been in the top 3 for the last 9 years and were defending the position they’ve held for the past 6 years at #2.

1st place winner was the fifteenth house – The Ziegler’s house which had never placed in the top 3 before. They came close other years, but this is the first time they placed and it was right to the top!!

Congratulations and what a spectacular local event that you put on each year. Follow their Facebook page so you don’t miss the official dates in 2019, but you may drive through right up until Christmas. They just aren’t officially open.

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